Thursday, March 18, 2010

About Me


My name is Ileana, but I've been known to go by Lele, among other names. I love politics and food, and that's how this blog was born: a bored political science major decided to take her love of cooking, eating, food issues, and general healthfulness and turn it into Lele Lurves Plants, which was born on March 20,2009.

I am really sort of Type A, but I have my free spirited moments.


Being a nice Greek girl, I love good food. I believe there’s delicious food that’s healthy and there is delicious food that’s horrible for you.

Most of the time, eat the healthy stuff!

When you occasionally want to splurge on yummy creme brulee with real cream, DO IT.

My theory: we HAVE evolved as a culture. We recognized there are foods to be avoided. However, we only focused on the caloric content of those foods. The result: a proliferation of scary spaceman stuff. It's not healthy food, it's unhealthy food with fewer calories because it's MOSTLY AIR AND CHEMICALS. Eat real food! Eat tasty food! Eat lots of plants!

Exercise is good, too. Especially when you can jump on a bed in your front yard.


I am one of those lucky people who likes my family. My family wins. They are my favorite.

Due to the dismal economy and our ability to get along impressively well, I currently live at home, with my mom and my cat.

Mama and I in Greenwich Village:

The cat (Sheila) likes to get stoned on catnip.

When she is not livin' it up at college in New Orleans, my sister also joins our happy home. Here we are on a particularly hungry day:


I love British comedy, baby animals, classic rock, and books that involve courtroom dramas.

My favorite cuisines are Spanish, Mexican, Greek, Italian, Thai, Japanese, and American Southern. Goodness, that includes quite a lot, doesn't it?

I bake when I'm stressed.

I am what they call the outdoorsy type. I am at my happiest out among nature, exploring somewhere new. An example?

That picture was taken in the Sumeria Gorge in Greece, one of my favorite places I've ever been.

I also love to TRAVEL. New places, new ways of thinking, new food!

You can read about my travel in Greece, Thailand, and Taiwan!

Food and Work

In August of 2011, I finished an Americorps year working in a low income community. Through that work, I collaborated a great deal with the Capital Area Food Bank on providing healthy after school snacks and nutrition education to our kids. Lo and behold, in September 2011 they hired me.

I currently work part time in the Food for Kids department, which ensures that our low-income kids can get good, nutritious food even when they're not in school.

The big picture, though? I want the R.D.! I hope to fulfill some science prerequisites and apply to MS/RD programs. Wish me luck!


Finally, this blog is mostly about the EATS! Check out my new Favorite Recipes page!

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